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We love encouraging and lifting up pastors. Our goal is to support ministers in their emotional and spiritual health. Our encouragement team members develop a personal and caring relationship with each pastor they encourage -- praying, listening, and speaking words of inspiration to these wonderful leaders.

Why Pastors Are Leaving the Church

Many of America's pastors are deflated. A troubling number of pastors are leaving the ministry, and many that stay feel they are not making a significant difference.

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Are you feeling deflated and beaten down? Looking for someone to confide in about the challenges you are facing? We can help — and it's free. Get the encouragement you need to build a robust, vibrant church today.

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Inflate Ministries is providing a caring ear and loving heart to pastors across the country.

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Are you an experienced minister? Would you be willing to encourage other pastors? Join us in our mission to build a support network across the world that lifts up and empowers pastors and their spouses.

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Join us in our mission to build a support network for pastors across the world.

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Pray that God brings us experienced ministers to become encouragement team members. Pray for the pastors to be uplifted. Pray for the Inflate Ministries staff and an abundance of finances to allow us to minister to all the pastors in need of encouragement.

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