Success Stories

Ron & Heidi Auch

Ron & Heidi

Invest in their encourager

Knowing that we have an ETM that we can call anytime and say --  "Hey, we've got this thing going on. Help us pray through this. Help us work this out." -- has been invaluable to us. We encourage you to check Inflate out!

Jason & Monica Janich

Jason & Monica

Invest in their encourager

We don't feel alone anymore on our journey since being ministered to by Inflate. And we love the words of encouragement we receive!

Don & Nicole Conklin

Don & Nicole

Invest in their encourager

Working with people can be an amazing experience, but it can also be equally devastating. With everything that comes at us in life, it always helps to know there's someone supporting and loving you. Inflate's commitment to giving words of encouragement is a tremendous blessing to us. Inflate's ministry encourages me and in turn those that listen to me. I highly recommend this ministry!

Jared & Hillary Furnish

Jared & Hillary

Invest in their encourager

One of Inflate's encouragement team members and I randomly ran into each other one day. It was at a point in my life when I was contemplating leaving the ministry or sabotaging my call. I was feeling frustrated with myself and my ministry, isolated, and alone. Through this divine appointment, Inflate has developed a relationship with us that has been an amazing encouragement, one that cheers us on when we feel tired or unseen!

John & Nicole Timothy

John & Nicole

Invest in their encourager

Inflate has encouraged and motivated our lives and ministry. It's amazing how text messages come at just the right time from our ETM (who is humble and genuinely loves us).

Jerauld & Anna Rekow

Jerauld & Anna

Invest in their encourager

We have loved the timely encouragement and prayer from our ETM. It means so much to know that we have someone who believes in us. We also appreciate the trustworthy and helpful perspectives we've been given, with a freshness that can only come from an objective advisor.

Joe & Dawn Weiers

Joe & Dawn

Invest in their encourager

The seasoned encouragement team members use their wealth of knowledge and life experiences to listen, assist, and build us up. Inflate contacted us to offer support and encouragement during some challenging times. We appreciated having a caring friend we could confide in and offer an outside perspective to help us navigate difficult situations in a productive way. Inflate is a blessing to the Kingdom.