Reach out and encourage pastors.

Your responsibilities as an Inflate Ministries coach will be to:

  • Seek out and establish relationships with approximately five pastors who can benefit from your encouragement and support.
  • Communicate with your pastors. Text your pastors once every two weeks. Follow-up with calls/texts on serious cases. Meet with your pastors in-person once or twice a year.
  • Be sensitive to the Spirit's leading -- God will show you who needs more or less communication from you. Share words of inspiration with your pastors.
  • Make sure your pastors know how amazing they are. As humans, we often focus on our mistakes instead of the future possibilities God has for us. Don't hold back on telling your pastors how special God has made them.
  • Reassure your pastors that they have God's blessing to minister their church and remind of the gifts and talents God has given them to reach their community.
  • Be a good listener. Many of our pastors need to share their heart with someone who believes in them. Often, they are not looking for you to solve their problem; they just need you to listen and care. Many times, just sharing produces the healing and emotional strength they need.


Believers want to support coaches.

Many of the people you've ministered to over the years love and respect you and your ministry. People love to give financially to experienced pastors like you to reach out to inflate and uplift other pastors. We are amazed and humbled by the generosity of donors that support us.

Donations to Inflate Ministries are disbursed to coaches to cover ministry-related expenses such as phone, computer, video conferencing, meals/coffee with pastors, and travel expenses.

Each coach's financial goal is to raise approximately $500 per month to support their ministry. Coaches receive money from Inflate Ministries (minus 6% for administration/finance fees) and a yearly 1099.

All donations must be made payable to Inflate Ministries. Donors must write the coach's name in the memo on their check or select their coach's name during the online donation process. Inflate Ministries will give each donor a tax-deductible donation receipt at the end of the year.

Map of Coaches